Touch This Page

Image of 3D render of Boston LinotypeReading is one of the most profound things we humans do, a way for our minds to encounter new ideas, and our imaginations to run wild with stories. For many of us, reading means words in black ink on a white page, or pixels on a screen, but for some who have visual impairments, it involves feeling raised fonts, a multisensory act that is both remarkable, and poorly understood by the sighted. Joining us today is Sari Altschuler, who is an Assistant Professor of English and Associate Director of the Northeastern Humanities Center at Northeastern University. Along with Dave Wimer at Harvard and Perkins School for the Blind and Waleed Meleis, who you may remember from an earlier episode, Enabling Engineering, Sari is the co-creator of the Touch This Page project, opening February 1st in our library and three others in the Boston area.

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