Data and Public Health

Graph of pandemic curveIt is far too early to understand what happened in this historic year of 2020, but not too soon to grasp what we will write that history from: data—really big data. Dan was recently on an extremely relevant panel about Data Histories of Health, which aimed to understand what happened in 2020, and to see how much of what happened was recorded in new forms of data, and visualized in ways that affected public opinion and health and economic policy. This panel consisted Joanna Radin, an associate professor of history and the history of medicine at Yale, and Dan Bouk, an associate professor of history and university studies at Colgate. A big thanks to Sari Altschuler and Chris Parsons for organizing the panel, hosted by the Humanities Center and the Health, Humanities, and Society initiative at Northeastern University. This panel was Sponsored by a National Endowment for the Humanities grant for the Digital Health Humanities.

Watch the full panel here:

Transcript of Data and Public Health

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